Cultural Intelligence: You do NOT have to memorize a list of DOs and DON’Ts to be CQ smart.

As a member and mentor in Toastmasters International I would like to present you an articel on Leading with Cultural Intelligence publised in Sep 2015 in Toastmasters International Magazine. Source: Several years ago I spoke at a few different events in China. I began each presentation with a humorous, self-effacing […]

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How to Learn from a Global Life

Global Cosmopolitans adapt to new situations so seamlessly they often don’t realise how they did it. Learning from your global life can help you define a creative edge of difference from your international experiences. Liv has a Swedish father and an Indian mother. She grew up in Kenya. She says […]

What on earth is an interculturalist?

„Hi, what do you do?“ is such a typical question that I should really have a standard elevator-pitch type of answer ready. Truth is that I am having a hard time painting the colorful picture of activities that fill my entrepreneurial day and call themselves „work“. The typical answers I receive […]

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