#78 Ghana, UK, China, France, Germany – Interview with Linda Boakye 1/2 (English)   Kürzlich aktualisiert!

Kulturelle Unterschiede zwischen Ghana, UK, China, Frankreich und Deutschland


Was verbindet Ghana und China?
Linda Boakye ist World Class International Business Career Strategist und coached internationale Fußballstars und Unternehmen. Geboren in Ghana, zog sie mit 14 nach GB und verbrachte längere Zeit als Englisch-Lehrerin in China. In diesem englischsprachigen Interview verrät sie Dir:

+ Wie das Leben in Ghana wirklich ist
+ Warum sie noch nicht mal ihrem Freund von ihrem Umzug nach Großbritannien erzählte
+ Welche Gemeinsamkeiten Ghana und China haben
+ Wie sie vom gewöhnlichen Teenager in Ghana zu einer „Andersartigen“ in GB bis hin zu einem Celebrity-Star in China wurde
+ Warum ihr „Alien“-Status in China sie verzweifeln lies und sie ihn trotzdem vermisst
Viel Spaß und tolle Erkenntnisse beim Anhören!


Den interkulturellen Podcast „Deutschland und andere Länder“ gibt es auch unter:






World Class Coach & Speaker Linda Boakye has shown thousands of people the secretto fulfilling career and business success. The founder of Career & Mindset Ltd has earned an impressive track record of coaching clients to excel in their chosen careers or businesses.

The self confessed nomad attributes her global citizenship and intercultural experiences to her childhood immigration from Africa to Europe, language studies up to degree level, working as an international liaison, as well as living in multiple countries . These include UK, Ghana, China, France, Spain, Germany, Romania and the US.

Linda’s magic comes from being incredibly skilled at understanding people, then coaching her clients to have the same mindset and attitudes as the most successful people of our time.

Board member and advisor to Education and Business organisations in the United Kingdom, Linda is recognised as the go to person for results in curating „out-of the box careers“ , career change and setting up profitable businesses.

“I believe everyone has an inherent natural zone of genius, which they can leverage in their career or business.” Linda works with individuals trying to navigate the complexities of taking their first steps toward a new career path with her “Career Next Steps” training.

Under Linda’s expert guidance, individuals hone critical communication abilities and learn key skills for sales, marketing and professional branding. Clients perfect their negotiation skills that result in higher income, personal and professional skills.

Linda Boakye is leading the revolution to inspire people to create careers that place them on their natural path to wealth. Boakye works with individuals, institutions and corporate clients, providing coaching, consulting, workshops and keynote speeches.

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Linda Boakye
Email: linda@lindaboakye.com
Social Media: careerandmindset
Website: www.careerandmindset.com




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